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Learn the Art of playing the Piano

Contact Me!

Hi! My Name Is Mark Lindeblad

I have been a musician all my life. Throughout high school and college, I was my church's primary pianist and piano accompanist. After working hard on my piano and bassoon double major at Wichita State University and receiving the Bachelor of Music performance degree, I came up to Chicago. While working at playing music jobs and developing my craft, I continued my education first at Moody Bible Institute and then finally received my Masters in Music Performance at Roosevelt University.

 Now I happily teach private lessons in piano and bassoon as I have done since 1990 at my home on Sheridan Road by the lake, in the  Edgewater neighborhood.   Enjoy my performance of 



Or  the Chopin Raindrop prelude

My Mission

I am here to teach everyone how to play the piano and sound magnificent on the instrument.

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